> Since I came back from my journey in Iceland, Oakenglass Suicide Prevention Project has progressed in a slow but steady way. For this reason, I’ve waited to have several irons in the fire before writing a new update post. Here they are (spoiler: we are moving big)…

• 26 September 2018: we reached the 1.000 € milestone on Oakenglass GoFundMe campaign.
• 05 November 2018: I met the hospital director to ask for the approval of my theoretic project.
• 20 December 2018: the actual project, drawn up by the Psychology UOC, was then deliberated.
• 01 January 2019: we doubled up that crowdfunding milestone; as of today, we’ve raised 2.009 €.
• 08 January 2019: the project was published online on the hospital bulletin board, with a required funding of 20.000 €.

This means that Oakenglass Project is now Official.
Furthermore, it’s (much) bigger than I originally planned. Training/Education will happen not only for students and teachers, but also for family doctors, paediatricians, first-aid operators and all the figures working in the social sector. Multifamily Therapy will also take place, aimed at families with children who have already attempted suicide.
Now we wait for associations, foundations and more private citizens (like us) interested in closing the financial gap.

I’d like to take advantage of this update to send my gratitude to all the people who believed in me, even when Oakenglass Project was living only in my realm of dreams.
I would have never come so far without you.

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• 29 March 2019: I could finally carry out the 2.009 € bank transfer to the Psychology UOC of the hospital, in order to fund the project. A local association should close the financial gap soon (18K €)… I have a good feeling about this.

P.S. if you want to check the receipt of our money transfer, please visit the GoFundMe page.


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