> Does a trip to Iceland cost a lot of money, as they say? To provide an honest answer to this question, I’ve decided to review what I spent to make the two weeks of my bikepacking journey come true.

Please, note: this is just a comprehensive list of all the services/products I had to pay for, hence it doesn’t include the services I received for free and the products I already had in my possession.


Airplane: British Airways (from Linate to Keflavík)150,89€

Bus: Grayline Airport Express, w/ bike (from Keflavík to Reykjavík)39,02€

Bus: Strætó #57 (from Mjódd to Staðarskáli)37,48€

Bus: Strætó #59 (from Hólmavík to Borgarnes)43,83€

Bus: Strætó #57 (from Borgarnes to Mjódd)14,17€

Bus: Grayline Airport Express, w/o bike (from Reykjavík to Keflavík)19,35€

Airplane: British Airways (from Keflavík to Linate)150,89€

Sub: $518,71 / 455,63€


Borðeyri Campsite (1 night)8,15€

Hólmavík Campsite (6 nights)61,19€

Reykjavík Campsite (4 nights)70,54€

Sub: $159,25 / 139,88€


MRE: Jimmy Joy Plenny Shake (17 bags)104,04€

Sub: $118,41 / 104,04€

Gear & Tools

Tent: Coleman Cobra 283,42€

Sleeping Bag: Forclaz Trek 0° 50069,99€

Bikepack 1: Topeak Frontloader (8L)59,90€

Bikepack 2: Topeak Midloader (3L)33,79€

Bikepack 3: Topeak Toploader (0,75L)23,90€

Helmet: B-Twin Rockrider 10019,99€

Cycling Shorts: B-Twin Triban 50019,99€

Backpack Cover: B-Twin Waterproof 5004,99€

Powerbank: Anker PowerCore 1000014,44€

Pump: Crankbrothers Klic HV Gauge36,81€

Multitool: Crankbrothers M1719,38€

Map: Michelin Iceland 1:500.0007,22€

Sub: $448,34 / 393,82€

MTB Fixes & Upgrade

Rear Rack: Topeak Explorer (no spring)35,98€

B-Twin Elastic Tensioners (2x)4,99€

Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon GT 365 (2x)47,71€

Inner Tubes: Schwalbe AV13 (4x)15,80€

Rim Tape: Schwalbe High Pressure 15mm4,05€

B-Twin Plastic Tyre Levers (3x)2,99€

Shift Levers: Shimano Acera SL-M360 (3×8)24,50€

B-Twin Shift Cables & Housing Set9,99€

B-Twin Shift Cables (spare)4,99€

V-Brake Pads 1: Clarks Elite CPS-959 (2x)16,56€

V-Brake Pads 2: B-Twin Severe Conditions (spare)4,99€

B-Twin Brake Cables & Housing Set9,99€

B-Twin Brake Cables (spare)3,99€

Chain: Shimano CN-HG40 (spare)5,95€

Silverline Chain Wear Tool3,48€

B-Twin Vioo 100 White Headlight4,99€

B-Twin Vioo 100 Red Taillight4,99€

B-Twin Mem. Foam Saddle Cover9,99€

B-Twin Bottle Cage2,99€

B-Twin Toe Clips5,99€

B-Twin Teflon Oil5,99€

Specialized Dropout (spare)19,00€

Front-hub & Free-hub Cleaning30,00€

Sub: $318,65 / 279,90€


World Nomads Explorer Plan74,45€

Vodafone SIM w/ Simple+ Plan9,99€

Sub: $96,13 / 84,44€


Total: ~ $1.660 / 1.460€

So, is Iceland really expensive?
I would say, it depends a lot on the type of experience you wish for. If you favour comfort, like renting a car, staying at hotels, eating outside and visiting the main attractions… yes, it surely is. If you seek discomfort, like travelling by bike or feet, staying at campsites, bringing your food from home and feeling the raw nature… well, it still is, but way less.
The second big factor is your pre-existent equipment. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the more you already own, the less you are going to spend. In my case, since I was a bikepacking beginner (still am), I had to buy some essential stuff… and overhaul my 17 years old mountain bike.

The key message for this post is: don’t be discouraged if your dream destination seems unattainable. With your natural ability to adapt and a few tweaks here and there to your overall mindset… it may very well be.


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